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Getting schooled.

This post originally appeared in issue 5 of Pikaland’s Good To Know series back in 2009. I recently stumbled across a PDF of it and was pleased to see how much of what I’m talking about in here still holds true for me today.

Being an artist in any capacity involves having the natural inquisitive openness (and motivation) for knowledge and experience (the natural “student”) even before developing the technical-proficiency (the literal student) to interpret/ communicate one’s unique voice. The varying levels of success on either of these sides, or how well they work together for each individual, defines the ability to accomplish “art.” The first has to come from an innate drive, the second through practice.
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It Still Takes Four Days To Get There

Your brother calls you from the east coast. He’s decided he doesn’t want to fly back anymore, but insists you to drive out and get him. And he isn’t interested in waiting, you need to be there right away.

You make some calls, dropping everything in life both at the office and at home. You call your brother back within the hour and say, ‘Alright, man, I’ll be there in four days.’

‘FOUR DAYS!’ he pouts. ‘But I’m waiting!’

What can you do? You’re thousands of miles away. You are leaving as quickly as you can, but the fastest you can realistically get there is four days. It’s a time and space thing.
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Just A Few More Than Two Sentences

This post is a follow-on to a brief but really very spot-on comment Frank Chimero made in regards to making sense of being a contemporary designer:

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Any Which Way But Up

One of the most frequent questions new or student designers have is how to get paid work. So much of the time, they’ve tried applying to a studio like a ‘normal’ sort of office job and gotten nowhere. They feel like they have enough school and skill under their belt to get something, anything, remotely related to working in design, but more often, they’re confused why this isn’t proving enough.
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Lazy Acts Of Stupid Kindness

The Real Contract Killer

I learned a long time ago, and I hope it goes without saying, that a professional really must insist on working with a contract in place. It really is better for everyone involved, as it, more than anything establishes expectations on both sides.
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