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Eleven Months Later

Completely by chance, this post comes exactly 11 months to the day after the last one.

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It Still Takes Four Days To Get There

Your brother calls you from the east coast. He’s decided he doesn’t want to fly back anymore, but insists you to drive out and get him. And he isn’t interested in waiting, you need to be there right away.

You make some calls, dropping everything in life both at the office and at home. You call your brother back within the hour and say, ‘Alright, man, I’ll be there in four days.’

‘FOUR DAYS!’ he pouts. ‘But I’m waiting!’

What can you do? You’re thousands of miles away. You are leaving as quickly as you can, but the fastest you can realistically get there is four days. It’s a time and space thing.
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Lazy Acts Of Stupid Kindness

The Real Contract Killer

I learned a long time ago, and I hope it goes without saying, that a professional really must insist on working with a contract in place. It really is better for everyone involved, as it, more than anything establishes expectations on both sides.
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Help Me Help You Help Me Help You

There may be two sides,
but it’s all one coin!

This is not a Seth Godin-inspired rant demanding innovation-or-death. (I’m actually growing skeptical of The Cult Of Innovation these days.) Instead, I’m writing from the perspective that its important for those of that have been around the block to help beginners 1) know what they’re getting into, so that 2) they maybe don’t have to make the same stupid mistakes we did.
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