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1039 Smudged Out (Slappy Hours)

I have spent the bulk of the past five days attending to a server-related crisis for a client. My other projects are piling up, so, naturally, my brain tells me it’s a good time to write. I put down the phone, but even now, I contend with actively resisting the red dot on the blue stamp to my right that derails so much of what I intend for days on end.

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All The NY, Now With None Of The HC

By my third time connecting through New York City, I felt in control of my faculties enough to take the train the rest of the way. Continue reading…

Just A Few More Than Two Sentences

This post is a follow-on to a brief but really very spot-on comment Frank Chimero made in regards to making sense of being a contemporary designer:

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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.

The collective contextedness of online interaction.

We are accustomed to overhearing a partial conversation and the misinterpretion of the speakers’ intention that often follows due to its absence of context. In a similar way, an author’s intent in a single sentence cannot be truly parsed without having also read the surrounding sentences, paragraphs, columns or pages. Without discernment (most often following up with the speaker/author as to their real intent), these misdirected interactions generally result in confusion, hurt feelings, and humor.

One of the benefits of life online is that we should be unable to simply “bump into”, “trip over” or “mistakenly hear” things in such a way. Digital indexing is one of strict output-reflecting-input, an extreme binary function of You Get What You Pay For.

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It’s not what they’re selling, its what you’re buying

I hope I’m not the only one that sees the irony in that twenty years of the commercial internet has resulted in its becoming a glorified phone book filled with not much more than digital junk mail and a whole lot of free. For all the collective smoke being blown around by the tech community as to its power and reach, our ever-merging societies and their economies still haven’t figured out to make any of it actually work. No one (corerection: not enough people with mainstream credibility) seems to be questioning that transitioning to an online-only option is a great idea, even as hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses — old guard and start-up alike — kick at the dirt when asked about monetization. Sustainability is not just about recycling.
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