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Since leaving the Comfortable Tyranny of Full Employment©, I’ve worked with a lot of local entrepreneurs; clients not all that dissimilar to myself. I enjoy working with sole propreitors quite a bit. They tend to be more connected to their work; they tend to be engaged and generally passionate about what they do. Our design outcomes are based on one-on-one decisions made between two rational adults rather than some unending chain of committee and stakeholder meetings that never really settle anything other than to have another meeting later. Working relationships feel more compatible when both client and designer exercise the agency and diplomacy that comes with shared responsibility. This holds true for the local creatives I’ve hired or shown with as well. There’s a general sense of ease and hometown comraderie that comes from working with your neighbors and peers.
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All The NY, Now With None Of The HC

By my third time connecting through New York City, I felt in control of my faculties enough to take the train the rest of the way. Continue reading…

It Still Takes Four Days To Get There

Your brother calls you from the east coast. He’s decided he doesn’t want to fly back anymore, but insists you to drive out and get him. And he isn’t interested in waiting, you need to be there right away.

You make some calls, dropping everything in life both at the office and at home. You call your brother back within the hour and say, ‘Alright, man, I’ll be there in four days.’

‘FOUR DAYS!’ he pouts. ‘But I’m waiting!’

What can you do? You’re thousands of miles away. You are leaving as quickly as you can, but the fastest you can realistically get there is four days. It’s a time and space thing.
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Of One Tricks And The Ponies That Love Them

Call this my answer to Frank Chimero’s “the slow, hard and dumb way”:
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The User’s User

Lauren McCarthy’s Social Turkers experiment draws unique attention to our concept of not just online socialization, but human quantification.

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