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Eleven Months Later

Completely by chance, this post comes exactly 11 months to the day after the last one.

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Your Way? Right Away.

My wife and I spent two weeks travelling across southern Spain and Portugal in December. Our first time in Europe, I assumed the worst of globalized neo-liberalism as I pictured Europe as little more than (to paraphrase Homer Simpson) America Junior. It felt weird spending all this time and money simply to go someplace that was identical to here, give or take some castles the fascists couldn’t be bothered to destroy back in the ’40s. Before leaving, I joked that I would bring people back Duck Dynasty gifts from the Wal-Mart there.

Of course my cycnicism had to make apologies around.
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It’s not what they’re selling, its what you’re buying

I hope I’m not the only one that sees the irony in that twenty years of the commercial internet has resulted in its becoming a glorified phone book filled with not much more than digital junk mail and a whole lot of free. For all the collective smoke being blown around by the tech community as to its power and reach, our ever-merging societies and their economies still haven’t figured out to make any of it actually work. No one (corerection: not enough people with mainstream credibility) seems to be questioning that transitioning to an online-only option is a great idea, even as hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses — old guard and start-up alike — kick at the dirt when asked about monetization. Sustainability is not just about recycling.
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Hood Ornament

Another thought on identity (that didnt fit into the last few articles):

When thinking of your brand versus your logo, consider the hood ornament on your car.
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Getting Trapped In Your Brand Part 2

I started earlier by comparing the way in which World Wrestling Entertainment uses branding in a really pervasive and powerfui way. In the case of the Undertaker, likely the most famous of current superstars, the WWE’s brand strategy has been wildly successful. In today’s post, I’ll focus instead on where it hasn’t worked quite so well.
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